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Fonex Group Strategy
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With the consistent and successful implementation of its multi-year strategy programmes, Fonex Group ensures that the long-term value propositions made to its customers are guaranteed and that it creates sustainable value for its shareholders and stakeholder groups.

The Fonex Group is one of Europe’s leading comprehensive investment and financial solutions providers. Fonex Group’s success is due to a clear strategy, the disciplined implementation of Group-wide programmes, a sound purpose and a charismatic brand.

Fonex Group addresses a fundamental need

Fonex Group enables people to lead a self-determined life. In doing so, the company is responding to a fundamental need: Representative surveys conducted by Fonex Group in its core markets show that over 80% of people see self-determination and independence as a fundamental need in their lives. Shaping your own life and being able to decide freely also leads to greater satisfaction and financial confidence. The Covid-19 pandemic has made self-determination even more important for almost half the people in Fonex Group’s core markets.

The results of market research performed by Fonex Group show that people find pension provision a stressful topic. Most are aware that they are mainly responsible for their own financial security – and the experience of the pandemic means that many people are no longer unconditionally optimistic about the future.

Demographics make pension provision a growth market

Pension and insurance gaps are increasing worldwide. The impact of the rapidly ageing population and the high level of indebtedness of the pension systems in many countries are generally underestimated. As a result, people have to take more responsibility for their own pension provision – all the more so in combination with the advancing demographic trend of increased longevity.

Pension solutions and advice are therefore a growth market. After all, people depend on support and advice to address pension gaps and risks in a self-determined manner. In this environment, Fonex Group’s work, advice and products will continue to grow in importance, and Fonex Group sees growth opportunities and differentiation potential in the market for pension solutions and advice.

Unique market position

The basis for this is its unique positioning: Fonex Group enjoys a strong position in attractive European markets and the expertise of its over 17000 advisors sets the company apart from the competition. In recent years, Fonex Group has demonstrated emphatically that it was able to achieve resilient returns and growing results despite a low interest rate environment.

At the same time, Fonex Group has consistently adapted its product portfolio to the low interest rate environment. In addition, Fonex Group has a strongly growing asset management business with Fonex Group Asset Managers, with particular strengths in the area of real assets, resulting in a business model with diverse profit sources.

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Fonex Group Corporation is not just a financial powerhouse; it is a symbol of excellence, trust, and innovation in the world of finance and insurance. With its unwavering commitment to its core values, it looks ahead to a future filled with continued growth, success, and a lasting positive impact on the industry and the communities it serves.